How I made $100,000 with social media in one year

How I made $100,000 in one year blogging
by Jackie Mann
October – November 2016
  1. I discovered my niche. While driving to Tennessee, I realized how to combine my lifelong love for animals with my interest in personal finance and my experience with paying off debt. I realized I could write a blog or book coupled with pet products that had financial sayings on them.
  2. I set goals and an elevator pitch. I also thought about vision and mission although I couldn’t narrow those down. These activities helped me clarify what my business was.
  3. I tried to be on every social media.
  4. I started a journal where I listed every single day what I accomplished to advance my business. Every time I did something substantial – wrote something, shared, posted, or sent something to someone for feedback (like a designer or a friend) – I logged it.  If it took several steps, I wouldn’t log it till it was done. For example, I logged “started my first t-shirt campaign,” not “worked on starting my first t-shirt campaign.”I never wanted a day to go by where I spent most of my time “learning,” “reading,” or “preparing.” When I learned something new I put it to use asap.
  5. I set up my website immediately. Many businesses, apps, and websites want to know my website and email address. Without doing this step firsts, I would have used my personal account and made things messy.
  6. I developed an editorial calendar with lists of topics to write about and the frequency. this helped guide my work sessions. After 6 weeks, I started running out of topics that interested me.
  7. I developed my first product and did an ad campaign early on. In the third week, I knocked this skill out of the way so that when it was really time to perform, I wouldn’t be experimenting.


December 2016

I came to realize that 1/2 of all bloggers who make money online do it by telling other show to make money online. I hated to cop out, but I had to go where the money was. So I switched focus and decided to blog about real estate investing – helping others make money. Then I came across Yaro Starak. He was honest and showcased people who make money blogging about their passions. He also said you don’t have to be on all social media, and I liked his approach better. I totally revamped thee website. I posted my life story, my picture, more static pages (pillar posts). Then I took a break from weekly posting to work on my products and newsletter messages.

I’m going to buy his training program after meeting 2 criteria.

  1. I use all of his free advice.
  2. His free advice causes me to get some customers and I want to take things to the next level.